Thursday, 24 February 2011

Generation Dead - Daniel Waters

Zombies or ' Living Impaired' kids are country-wide. This is a strange phenomenon that is now an every day part of life for United States residents. However, most are not too pleased about this. 

For reasons unknown teenagers aren't staying dead. They awaken not long after death and attempt to return to normality. They attend school, and attempt to continue learning. When one particular Living Impaired decides to join the school football team it unleashes a rage inside a few 'normal' teen kids. 

Phoebe Kendall is a goth, the irony of dressing like the dead is not lost on her and best friend Margi in todays times. Phoebe is one of the few people who believe the dead kids should have the same rights as those living and when a friendship develops between her and new football team member, Tommy Williams, she begins to realise just how cruel society has become.

This book was hard to get into at first, but about a 1/3 of the way through I decided it was better than expected. It isn't a normal YA-Paranormal romance. It has strong undertones of prejudice and discrimination and is worth reading. 

The characters, however, were incredibley irritating. Especially lead girl Phoebe and sidekick Margi. Karen was hands down the best character in the book as was zombie-girl Colette who was by far the most interesting.

The writing style was good, but I felt detached from the characters and as I mentioned it was hard to get into.


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Review of Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens

I had high hopes for Heavenly as I had been eyeing it off for quite some time. So when I finally was able to buy it and get stuck into it I wasn't disappointed.

These days there seem to be more and more 'angel' books, they are definitely the new vampires that's for sure. But Heavenly is more than just a cut-and-paste angel-mortal romance book. 

Zoe Dodd is a great character. When we meet her she is popular and an avid partier. She picks up guys to make herself feel better and abuses alcohol. I love this about her as a lot of the characters in books these days are goody-two-shoeses from the get-go and it gets a bit sickly after awhile. 

Everything for Zoe starts to change however when she meets Matthias,he is her autistic sister Abria's guardian angel. Matthias makes her realise the important things in life. I love the growth of Zoe herself and her love for Matthias throughout the book. 

Her family are really strong characters and I love the way the story builds up to lead onto the next book. 

It's more than a story about love, it's a story about family and making the right choices in life. I strongly recommend it (I am just over a 1/3 way through the sequel Penitence at the moment and can assure you it gets even better!)

I love the way Jennifer writes too. Her characters are very believable and the BFF character of Britt reminds me all too much of some of my own friends!

I give it a 4/5