Tuesday, 19 April 2011

100(+) members comp!

To celebrate reaching over 100 members of the Misha Fitts Book Bitts facebook site everyone who has liked the page will be entered into an international comp to win their choice of one of the following books:

The Gathering - Kelley Armstrong

City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare

 The Iron Witch - Karen Mahoney

XVI - Julia Kerr

I will draw a winner on Good Friday! Good luck and thank you all for liking the page!!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Review of Falling Under by Gwen Hayes

Oh lordy... Theia Alderson has spent her entire 17 years holding back, being exactly the girl her father wants her to be. But when she meets the gorgeous Haden, the girl she once thought she was begins to fray at the edges.

Theia is instantly drawn to Haden, he is hot and mysterious and bad, he is literally the man of her dreams - She met him while she was asleep BEFORE he turned up at school.

Theia is swamped with confusion over Haden. Why is he appearing in her dreams? are they really dreams or something else? Does he remember her at school? Why does he act like he hates her one minute and loves her the next?

The truth is terrorfying.

This book rocks, to say the least. It has so many lovely horror moments, more so than most paranormal romance books which are usually very angsty. While this has a sufficient dose of teen angst too, it also has some very vivid macabre scenes which I just loved. 

Theia is a good character who is in constant battle with herself over how she should and how she wants to act and think. Haden is appealing, maybe more so as he is similar to the protagonist in my own novel-to-be. The other characters all have their purpose and none of them particularly got on my nerves!

It is well written, very easy to get lost in. I love horror movies, and although I wouldnt call it 'scary' it has skeletons and monsters and all things that go bump in the night which was really cool. Gwen Hayes has a wonderfully demented mind, in the best possible way :)

The story itself is great too, again had some similar themes to my novel-to-be! I do recommend it to all you YA-Para-Rom fans out there, plus the cover is a front runner for my cover of the year! so beautiful :)


Friday, 8 April 2011

COMP TIME: - Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens

OK, so I'm giving away (internationally) a paperback copy of Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens. To enter, i've set a bit of a quest...

The first person to correctly answer what book the following quote is from gets the book!

I'm not sure if its easy or not, but i didn't want to make it too obvious. So it is probably hard. If no one gets it I will make it easy I promise :)

Go to the Misha Fitts Book Bitts Facebook page discussion tab to enter!