Sunday, 19 June 2011

Review of Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

In this retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood tale, two sisters, Scarlett and Rosie March are Fenris (werewolf) hunters, forced to raise themselves after their grandmother was attacked and killed by a fenris when the girls were very young.

Scarlett, the elder daughter, put her life on the line during that attack to save her sister and in doing so suffered great mutilations to her body, and soul. Now as 18 & 16 year olds, an old family friend, Silas, comes back into their lives to help them fight the increasing fenris population. 

Scarlett's whole world is the hunt, it's what drives her, but Rosie has begun to question what else there is to life, with thanks to Silas. The two quickly succumb to their mutual attraction but must keep their feelings a secret from Scarlett. Rosie also begins to get involved in other activities besides hunting, more secrets from Scarlett. 

The fenris situation is escalating, the trio must find the potential new fenris before the main wolf pack - the Arrow do, but with Rosie unfocused and Scarlett too focused will the girls be able to work together again in time to save the potential? will they even be able to find the potential?

This book was ok. You can probably tell from my lack lustre review style that I am not a big fan. But I must explain, I don't think it is particularly the book that had the issue, I think it is me!

The story was good enough, the characters ok, a bit boring and dormant and the ending was predictable. The writing style is good, Jackson Pearce is a great writer, but I have this issue i've realised that my personal life really affects my reading and it sucks!

Having some issues at home, falling in love, my mind was unable to really get into the book as I was often wandering off to another place, so I took forever to read the book and couldnt concentrate properly. I hate when i do this, but im such a bloody dreamer I can never control my brain!

Anyway, If you like werewolves and modern retelling of fairy tales then I think you will really like it, but for me a 2/5

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